Best Fit Guarantee

At Viral Brand we have worked hard to build the best fitting goggles in the industry. We are so confident that our goggles fit better and are more comfortable than any other goggle on the market that we will give you 30 days to try them out risk-free. If you buy our goggle and don’t feel that it has the best fit in the industry we will refund your goggle purchase no questions asked.

Redemption Instructions:

Goggles must be received at the warehouse before the 30 days expires no exceptions.
  1. Send goggles back to us with the certificate PDF in the box. (you just cover shipping) Viral Challenge PDF
  2. Must have a copy of the receipt from the dealer or the order number from the .com site if bought online.
  3. Must have original packaging: Box, Spare Lens, Tear-Offs, Nose Guard and Goggle Bag.
  4. Must be the original purchaser: Proof required with your name and address must match. If a cash sale, use the sales receipt with original purchaser name & matching address.
  5. The money will go back to the original credit card.
  6. Can not be a sponsored rider
  7. Applies to the Factory Series goggles only

Eligibility: To be eligible for the refund you must have bought the goggles through a retail establishment, online store or track vendor.  You must have original your receipt from the retailer you purchased along with all original packaging, all accessories that come with the kit, spare lens, nose guard, goggle bag and tear-offs. Goggle must be in “Like New” condition, this means that they can have been worn but not in a mud race, animal chewed, washed in your laundry or ripped, chipped, scratched or miss-handled and damaged in any way.

The Viral Brand Challenge will run for a limited time and can be cancelled at any time. When the contest ends any goggle purchase before the end date will be eligible for refund compliant with the rules, any goggle order after contest ends will be exempt from the contest and not eligible for the refund.